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It has been my pleasure to work in typography and branding with amazing people from a wide range of disciplines and interests.

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A language school for tourists visiting the North-West region of France.

I performed marketing analysis, wrote a demographic study, collaborated with regional partners, created reports and ensured cohesive brand communications, marketing concepts, and media planning.

Genevieve COUTEAU

Mme. Couteau (1924-2013) was a renowned artist from the Nantes region of France. Best known for her journals and paintings that documented her visit to the palace courts of Laos during the Vietnam-American war.

The publishing editor of her work “Memoires du Laos” required a personal assistant to help the artist in the process of a new edition of her book. Genevieve’s advanced age came with physical challenges and digital accessibility needs.

We overcame accessibility challenges to involve the artist in the digital editorial and prepress process. Insuring communication between stakeholders, validating print catalogue data by finding each copy in storage, and preparing short lessons on how to use a computer.

Responsibilities included cataloging, aiding correspondence, planning and scheduling.

Garibaldi Communications

A publishing agency in Paris (near the Eiffel Tower) for corporate and consumer communications, catering to public and private clients with international infrastructures.

I collaborated with clients and their suppliers to create comprehensive visual designs with multilingual content for various communications materials and publications.

Applejuice, inspired art for business.

Design studio services including layout artist, typographer and illustrator for printing press brochures and corporate communications.

Researched marketing strategies and media planning for client’s newspaper, magazine and radio advertisements.