Aha moments

Sketching design concepts

If a journey of 1000 steps is taken one step at a time, at A hundred answers, it happened with tenfold strides by working on UX designs for large scale enterprise websites while also contributing to the firm’s communications strategy.

Part of my experience was acting as Brand Steward and collaborating with the CEO to create visual designs for marketing collateral (reports, presentations, posters, handouts, infographics, …).

Featured projects on this page :

Event booth

My team was tasked with the refresh of our event booth used at corporate events and conferences.

I led a strategic vision which reflected team values and corporate culture with thought leadership messages, furniture concepts and visual layouts.

Team composition:

  • Partners, HR manager and me.


  • Iterated banner designs and brought stakeholders to agreement on visual concept;
    • Facilitated interview sessions to gather insights from stakeholders;
    • To get the right look, I had to try a few different color and layout variations;
  • I gathered documentation for brand identity.
  • Prepared final printable deliverables for a series of 4 banners and backdrop.


A series of “Aha moments” presentations and murals were created for the Townhall meetings.

My team worked on an internal communications campaign focused on strategies for corporate values, synergy and customer journey.

We developed a Maturity Model for businesses adopting digital transformation (to help consultants match services to client needs).

I facilitated workshop activities, card sorting, and SWOT analysis sessions.

Team composition:

  • Partners, Business Analysts, and me.


  • Research and design of concepts.
  • Managed print production for posters and handouts;
    • Created printable files with specifications in Adobe InDesign.
  • Co-hosted events and facilitated activities for 50 participants.
Maturity model diagram
Sample of poster texts.

SodiumTube game

Jason Carey created this frogger-type game on a 64 pixel canvas using the Unity development framework, inspired by our regular lunch activity of crossing the street to buy sandwiches at the subway across the street.

We sketched and storyboarded ideas, created pixel art for the objects, decors and animations. And with music composed by Dan Wallace (our Sitecore developer) the effect was really great.

Landing page on various screen devices

The new Aha website

The sketches created for the Townhall project inspired the redesign of the website.

Part of the website’s challenge was to overhaul the digital platform, curate authored content, and design a human-centered user experience with intuitive navigation and easy to use search function.

I gathered perspectives from stakeholders, evaluated web analytics, determined usability criteria, and created user journeys to build a style guide for typography, colors, imagery and modular components. We collaborated on a wireframe and I created a prototype to assure consensus with stakeholders and helped to delegate tasks for code developers.

Team composition:

  • Partners, Project Manager, Business Analyst, 1 Frontend + 2 Backend Developers, and me.


  • Prepared a series of brand imagery concepts and wrote scripts, schedule and planning to direct a series of photos that brought enthusiasm and support from everyone at the firm.
  • Facilitated workshops for sitemap and taxonomy;
  • Created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes for usability testing in Adobe XD and InDesign;
  • Validated UX design for Sitecore implementation.

Lessons learned:

Sketching and testing was key to success by allowing us to fail early and guide us to the right solutions, bringing stakeholders’ ideas and stories together.

The Aha logo wall with people at work.