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MNP Fidget

Demonstration of interaction design using gyroscope sensors. Rotate the phone from portrait to landscape to increase the size of the logo. Flip the phone back to front to change the image from Logo to Cup.


CanUX 2017

Participated at MNP booth with a poster design and some handouts. Great fun photographing with colored lights and origami.


CanUX 2018

Created online trivia game for the MNP booth. Developed with Ryan Fleck who expertly made quick work of this App using babel, webpack 4, express.js and frameworks.


Video game 64 pixels challenge

Had a lot of fun with star developer Jason Carey and music from Dan Wallace to design and program a frogger game with a 64 pixel canvas.
The player’s goal is to cross the street at lunchtime to get a sandwich without stopping traffic.