Honduras and other Central American countries with Accesso International.

Since 1996, Acceso International has worked in 10 countries helping:

9 pre-schools , 7 primary schools and 4 high schools, 2 women & rsquo’s cooperatives

2 vocational centres , 2 orphanages, 5 libraries and 4 homework centres, 7 summer camps and 1 playground, over 200 primary students with bursaries, over 30 high school students with bursaries, over 55 post-secondary students with bursaries, over 85 immigrant children, over 3000 high school students, over 5000 primary students, over 300 preschool children, over 10 000 library patrons

For thousands of children, we have put pencils in their hands, notebooks on their desks, shoes on their feet, uniforms over their shoulders, school bags on their backs and in some cases, food in their stomachs. For dozens of teachers, we have put chalk in their hands, resources in their classrooms and books in their libraries. For dozens of youth, we have paid for their tuition, their transportation, their books and their nourishment. For dozens of women, we have provided positive alternatives, educational activities for their children, and more promising employment opportunities. More importantly for all

of these recipients, we have put smiles on their faces, hope in their hearts and visions of equality, peace and ambition in their minds.