El Salvador with Salv-Aide.

Their mission is to build social and economic justice, democracy and dignity with the people of El Salvador. SalvAide is a registered Canadian charitable organization composed of a network of communities and supporters that stretches from coast to coast.


1.To increase the strength of civil society in El Salvador as represented by non- governmental

organizations (NGOs), popular organizations, women's organizations and communities.

2.To strengthen local economies in El Salvador which are participating in regional and national

efforts to create sustainable and diversified economic development.

3.To build Canadian support for community and democratic development in El Salvador.


SalvAide funds development projects in El Salvador designed by rural communities to meet their needs and priorities. Since 1985 SalvAide has funded such diverse projects as poultry farms, dairy herds, daycares, schools, community stores, medical clinics, cottage industries and legal aid clinics. SalvAide also funds human rights work and organizational development of Salvadorean non-governmental and popular organizations.