About Y Focus Fair World Sports

Y FOCUS-Ottawa is the service club of the YMCA-YWCA in Ottawa and is a member of an international service club movement working with the YMCA in over 72 countries. We operate the Fair World Sports program on behalf of Y Service Clubs of Canada. Membership is open to all regardless of sex, age, religion or ethnic background. The only criteria for membership is to be an idealist who wants to help others. 

The Fair World Sports program is a way to help build a more peaceful world in line with our national theme of "Building a Culture of Peace". Proceeds from the sale of sports balls will be used to fund peace building projects around the world. You can find a summary of projects already carried out or in progress. 

Goals and Objectives
Through the sale of various types of sports balls, manufactured by Fairtrade certified company, Talon Sports in Pakistan, Y FOCUS Fair World Sports will:

1. In its advertising and labeling, promote fair trading, as well as work for the elimination of child labour and the provision of decent wages, improved working conditions and adequate educational and health services for the workers in the industry.

2. Through the Fairtrade premium built into the purchase price , provide the fair trade certified businesses from whom we buy, additional funds to allow them to pay decent wages, to carry on without children under 15 and to provide medical and educational support to their workers. In addition, using the profit from their local sales, Y FOCUS will raise funds for peace building through education, youth sports and skills training programs especially in war-torn countries such as Sierra Leone, where such activities will enhance the building of a culture of peace in the country.

Y FOCUS Fair World Sports is open to the involvement of individuals, groups, non-governmental organizations and businesses who may wish to support the project by the purchase an interest in the form of redeemable shares or loans.